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Metal Gates

Automated metal gates are an ever popular option. Combining the integral strength of metal with a look seen at the finest country houses.

Maintenance of metal gates is minimal especially if galvanised and powder coated, such gate will give many years of service with little attention. Metal gates are also the simplest to automate allowing the installer to weld the actuators to the gate and without the worry of natural environmental warping seen in wooden gates.

Wooden Gates

Electric wooden gates offer natural style and security. With most being "closed boarded" wooden gates offer unparalleled privacy.

Keeping your wooden gates in great shape will take a little more effort, weather proofing as required, but the payoff of a wonderful, natural set of gates at the entrance of your home is a wonderful payoff.

Wooden Garage Doors

A fine alternative to the suburban metal garage door, smart, strong wooden garage doors operated by electric motors, convenient and secure!

Electric Gate Safety

Safety is key to the installation of an electric gate. Each install is different, but here's a few features installed on recent gates to keep your family safe!